Top Hand Ropes

The Welcome Home Ranch is proud to announce that we are now

an official retailer of Top Hand Ropes!

We have a few different kinds of ropes listed below:
The 8X

Head – 4-Strand • 33’ • Nylon / Poly Blend • Blue
Heel – 4-Strand • Nylon / Poly Blend • Blue
The 8X is the official rope of 8-time world champion header Speed Williams. It was built for ropers with a quick release, so it’s small with a considerable amount of weight. The poly in the heel rope gives it just the right amount of balance and tip.

The Boss

4-Strand Head & Heel • Nylon / Poly Blend • Neon Orange
This 4-strand rope is all about balance. The head rope gives you lots of weight and plenty of speed, while the heel rope pairs together the perfect amount of body and lay.

Easy Money

4-Strand • 100% Nylon • Neon Green
This rope design comes in both heel and head ropes. The head rope is a 100% nylon, 4-strand rope that provides the feel and consistency you need to grab those small horns along with plenty of body for the wide ones. The heel rope is also 100% nylon so it can withstand any weather conditions. This rope is  specifically formulated with enough weight and body to go where you throw it and stay put.


4-Strand Head & Heel • 3/8” • Nylon / Poly Blend • Neon Yellow

The Paniolo is a 4-strand rope named after the great cowboys of Hawaii. Its 3/8” size packs a surprising amount of weight and consistency while the color provides superior visibility in any conditions.

The Huckleberry

4-Strand Head & Heel • Nylon / Poly Blend • Blue
This right here is the Huckleberry. It’s one of the most durable ropes  from Top Hand and has a little extra poly to give this true 3/8” rope added weight and perfect balance.

The Hand

4-Strand Head & Heel • Nylon / Poly Blend • Deep Red
The Hand is a heavy, true 3/8” rope. This one of a kind rope possesses the perfect size and tip to give you a fast first swing. Its weight makes the Hand a great heel rope with lots of body and balance.

The Vaquero

3-Strand Head / 4-Strand Heel • 100% Nylon • Blue
The Vaquero is a standard 3/8” rope made from a durable, 100% nylon blend with lots of body. The tight twist eliminates bounce and keeps it strong and consistent throw after throw. The Vaquero comes in a deep blue 3-strand head rope and 4-strand heel.

The Pardner

3-Strand Head • 33′ • 100% Nylon • Purple
4-Strand Heel • Nylon / Poly Blend • Natural
The Pardner was designed specifically for David “Pard” Motes and it’s the heaviest rope Top Hand has to offer. This 33”, 3-strand head rope was built to reach, but feels great for close shots as well.For the 4-strand heel rope was made with a nylon / poly blend with added weight. It’s not a big rope in size, but it’s packed with lots of body.

Make sure you come into the Ranch Store to purchase one of these top notch ropes and  fill all of your horse boarding and feed needs while you’re there! We look forward to doing business with you.