Addiction Recovery

Graduate with skills to ensure a successful future and maintain a long-term addiction-free life

John Volken Academy goes much further than simply helping individuals to stop using drugs and alcohol. It also provides an environment where individuals can learn why they used and develop all the tools necessary to stay addiction-free.

The Arizona branch of the John Volken Academy recovery programs sits on a 45-acre equestrian facility. With almost 160 horses to care for, an animal feed and supply store, and events most days of the week, there is always something to do at “The Ranch” and that is exactly why this unique addiction recovery program works.

A Successful Therapeutic Community

It is impossible to separate the John Volken Academy Ranch from the therapeutic community recovery program. It is the program.

Therapeutic communities focus on the whole person and overall lifestyle changes, not simply abstinence from substance abuse. Recovery is a gradual, ongoing process of cognitive change with the expectation that program participants or “students” take time to advance through the stages of recovery and assume personal and social responsibilities in the community. Students take on leadership and staff roles in the community with an emphasis on social learning and responsibility for the recovery of their peers.

At a therapeutic community, individuals assume responsibility, not only for their own recovery but also the recovery of their peers. They are taught to become leaders within the community and over time are given increased amounts of responsibility. This, in turn, reinforces their own recovery.

Powerful Treatment

Like turning a big ship around, turning a life around takes time and our tools will help you get there.

Highly Structured

Our long-term program gives the brain the opportunity to heal, but that is only the beginning.

Group Based

Learn to communicate effectively, co-operate with others, and better deal with the public.

No Insurance Required

All it costs is a small one-time intake fee.

The John Volken Academy teaches self-reliance and leading by example operates several enterprises to help pay for our requirements. In addition, as a registered not-for-profit society, we are sponsored by private charitable foundations, friends of the Academy, and supportive businesses. Therefore, the cost of this long-term residential program is only a one-time intake fee and refundable account for incidentals.

Stay Addiction-Free

Staying addiction-free requires the ability to maintain meaningful employment. Here, participants are provided opportunities to receive the necessary training to become valuable employees.

Every step of the John Volken Academy Ranch is thoughtfully planned to set each student up for a life of continued success and free of addiction.